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phew, at last... [4^4 solution]
4d mirror
The Log File
java port
Please allow me to introduce myself
No medail for the fourth!!!
1+1=2, and...
Done again !!!
My Introduction
slashdot plug
slashdot web traffc
Olympic Cubes
This 'list' for MagicCube4D
Some ineresting links
Orientations of the centre cubes
orientations of the centre cubes ...
Orientations of the centre cubes ...
New file uploaded to 4D_Cubing
this might be up our alley
Fw: Solved it!
Hola :)
Windows to Linux inquiries
lots of new buddhabrot content
Intro from a new member
Some other questions
Log file
Hello, also
new member
2 new solvers
first solution of 2^4
The twist counting script
For your consideration
A new 3^4 shortest solution from a random starting state
My 3-color and 4-color sequences
recent records
check these gadgets
please vote for kerry/edwards
Presenting 3D Cube looking from inside out
Nate Bergland
2^4 again
"Physical models" of Rubik's Cube (pictures)
Some questions
"Physical models" of Rubik's Cube (tesseract, hypercube,
"Physical models" of Rubik's Cube (tesseract, hypercube, etc.)
2^4 , counting moves
rotation speed
Could somebody check number of twists in my 2^4 log
Cubes, beer and Beethoven
Rubik and group theory
"good books"
Program troubleshooting questions
Solved, but an issue with reverse playback...
N-D Rubic's Cubes a path to God?
From Remigiusz Durka : 4x4x4x4
Some notes
HyperSPEEDsolving !!!
New records
4^4 and 5^4 (hyper)cubes
Shortest Full Checkerboard 3x3x3x3
who wants to take part in FIRST HYPERCUBE Chalenge?
Chart of initial solvers
Corner flipped
I'm back!
one more release of C++ version of MC4D
Saying hello
hello ...:)
Announce: Java version now available
5^4 - I've managed to solve it (Michal Wizner - Poland)
Shortest 2^4 (138 twists)
2x2x2x2x2 (5D cube)
My gallery!
My gallery, n-vectors,2^5, etc.
a long time ago
5D Cube
5D? Awesome ;)
Poland vs whole world ;P
More MagicCube5D
Workable 3^5 Posted
2^d and 3^d solve function
MC5D solution posted
MC5D solution posted >> congratulation!
More 5D Cubes?
Message from battlefield ;]
Hall Instanity here I come ;-)
3rd insane and some notes
A few more MC5D updates
other polychora and polytope permutation puzzles
4d cube problem
2^5 cube solved!!
5D solutions
Suggusted Improvements to the MC5D
Stereo! ;))))))))
4D topologies and optics
MC3D: Yet Another Rubik's Cube Simulator
New shortest 5^4 solution
"Solve" function reimplemented - and checked
New Records
MagicCube4D in the news!
by the way...
Macro support available
New shortest 4^4
Macros and TIME
My page
Hi everyone!
New 4^4 Record
New 2^4 Record
Lower dimensional cubes
5^4 Record
Now with shadows!
Shortest 2^4 Competition
Interesting paper
Re[2]: Shortest 2^4 Competition
Pi Release
MC5D Source
Some bugs
2^4 contest update
2^4 contest results
New 2^4 record breaks 100 twists!
Real "solve" function fixed
2^4 contest #2
2^4 contest #2 update & news
macro bug & Shortest contest II
Just take a look...
Announcing version 3.2
More ideas
Checkerboard & Superflip
There should be some prizes for contests :P
Backtrack Game
New poll for 4D_Cubing
Introducing myself and making a suggestion
Who'da guessed this would work?
1x1x1x1x1 also
5D 2x2x2x2x2
4D 2x2x2x2 solved
3^5 hypercube and what is Roice's actual mail
John Bailey explains N-teract 4
Conquered Everest?
One way to solve the 5-D cube
3^5 Solution
Shortest 3^4 (don't worry I haven't broken the record :-)
Further musings
N-teract-4 + (Preference and Macro Tab)
On Rendering the Elusive 8th "Face" of the 4D Puzzle
Few thoughts about new methods of solving hypercubes, shortest solutions, etc...
New shortest 3x3x3x3 = 333
tag, you're it!
a few thoughts on "post processing" solutions to make them shorter
a few thoughts on "post processing" solutions to make
Roice updated the 5D cube.
Introduce myself
err... change of account.
Q about 4^3 instead of 3^4
Doing a class presentation on Rubik's Cube and Group Theory... suggestions?
John W. Gibson III
Noel conquers the 4^5!
Inching closer to god
5^5 Solution (Not an April Fools Joke)
6^5 and 7^5 puzzles online
4D Cubes
checkerboard fun
Introduction to the 4D_Cubing Group
4D corner move
Magic120Cell Realized
Mistake in Logic of Computation
On positions of the non-full puzzles
Magic120Cell update and slashdot link
Magic120Cell Crash Fix
An Overdue Thank You
On Higher-Dimensional Parity
MC4D Upgrades Anyone?
Did I Hear MC6D??
Cube in a cube (16 moves)
Octopuses with Rubik's Cubes?
extreme 3D puzzles
higher dimensional book recommendations
Something interesting and strange about permutations
MC2D. Was: Something interesting and strange about permutations
How many eyes?
4x4x4x4 Formula found
Thibaut Kirchner
Upper bound for the number of moves to solve a 3^4
Amelioration to the MC4D
A Hyperminx solution approach (was Thibaut Kirchner)
A new record for the 5^4 checkerboard! Sorry Remi!
Permutation formula updates
Super-supercube formula
A new simple result
Magic 120 Cell Solve
Noel's Solution on YouTube
Melinda solves the cube
5D Cube Permutation Formula
Magic Cube 6^5 Solved
Parity on MC m^n
a short diversion into sticker and cubie counts
Dimensionality Notation and Other Cubing Terminology
Physical Realization of MC4D Revisited
Twist types and achievable puzzle states
Upper bound for Magic120Cell has been proven exact!
Magic120Cell paper updated
Computer puzzles that arrange color blocks to form patterns - download
100+ solvers and other news
New 5^4 solutions and a new record
Scientific American article on Rubik's cube and groups
Void Cube analogues
Paper Update
My solution
MC4D laser crystal cube
4D Paper Complete
The School of Hard Knocks
n^6 Formula Found
n^d General Formula Found!
Finally solved the 3^4
4^4 parity alg
A description of my 5D cube solution
My new puzzles
3^4 parity problems
Hall of Shortest
Announcing MagicCube4D version 4.0 beta ready for download!
Announcing MagicCube4D version 4.0 beta ready for
new dimension of MagicCube4D
Contribute to the new puzzler by solving some counting problems :D
Now with mouse wheel scaling and custom user colors
Did I miss something???
*No Subject*
Few small additions to the MC4D java program
Announcing MagicCube4D version 4.0 beta ready for download!
3rd beta version available
Chronicles of a Rubik junkie's experience with the {5}x{5}
Chronicles of a Rubik junkie's experience with the
Image Gallery
MC4D 4.0 is really fantastic!
Chronicles of a Rubik junkie's experience with "the simplex-4"
2^4 new shortest (in old program) and simplex-2
wiki task suggestion
beta #4 available
Are we ready to publicly release version 4.0?
If you thought Levi was insane ...
Klaus' parity
The final build?
Hello fellow hypercubers
3^4 in 386 twists
Announcing MagicCube4D version 4.0!
Quick update
Records: Now with moar images!
Navigation panel on wiki
Length 4 Pentagonal Duoprism
5D interface
Happy New Year!
I'd love to see a cubing tournament
I'd love to see a cubing tournament -> Me too!
commercializing cubing
Introducing "MagicTile"
Other platonic polychora puzzles.
Fractal cubes
3^4 news
3^4 - new personal shortest )))
5^4 - 1981 twists!
Sub-1000 for 4^4
Corners in 3^4?
The first 3^4 solution
Guess what is it :)
MC7D v0.01
Rectangular 3^6
A new MC4D challenge!
MC7D v0.03
The benefits of being able to solve a Rubik's cube
MC7D v0.1
Bug in MC7D v0.1
MC7D v0.11
MC7D solved! ;)
MC7D v0.12 uploaded
MC7D v1.0
my personal best
3D implementation of 4D
MC7D v1.10 released
angleshift (MC4D)
Sub-100K for 3^7
a 3d puzzle based on the small stellated dodecahedron
Magic Tiles
definition of a twist
Goodbye everyone
3^4 solved by a 12 year, 7 month, 16 day and 22 hours old! :3
4^4 help thread
3^4 solved by a 12 year, 7 month, 16 day and 22 hours
Magic Tile again
2-c parity(?) problem with 4^4
MC2D idea lolz
Recommended TV: new Futurama
Faces problem with 4^4
3^4 in 237 twists
edge algorithms
New: Questions thread...
Impressions of solving of 3^7
4D tetris
2^4 macro stickers
God's Number is 20 for Rubik's Cube
MC5D in Madeira shopping center
MC7D v1.11 uploaded
4D puzzle
not understand something simple
mc5d solved
Puzzle Poetry
Greetings from Remi
First Hyperspeedcubing Challenge
MC7D v1.20 uploaded
My own problems
intro from a new member
MC7D v1.25
Test results
Waiting for 1st Hyperspeedcubing Challenge
First week in 4D
4D speedsolving contest results
MC7D v 1.30 released
3^4 solved
4^6 solved!
The custom Custom Ringer T I designed on
Tetrahedral prism {3,3}x{}, 3 layers solved
number of states
can anyone recognize this?
6^4 solved! Finally!
MHT633 v0.1 uploaded
hey hey
MHT633 v0.11 uploaded
MHT633 v0.12 uploaded
MHT633 v0.13
Parity in 12 Colors
3D-only rotations in MHT633
UK Open
Announcing MC4D for Android
3^4 one 4C left to orient
Merry Christmas!
8Colors solved
5D Pacman v 0.1
5D Pacman v 0.11
3C pieces with one correct color?
3^4 Solved
Pacman5D v0.12
Packman 5D v 1.0
noteworthy new hypersolutions
Log files in MagicTile and an order-4 Megaminx
It's not functional, only navigation is ready...
Other 4D puzzles
Stereo for MC4D
MC4D solving
Macros in MC4D
MV4D movie
stereo example
MC4D macros II
MS5D v0.1
MS5D v0.11 uploaded [ MS5D v0.1]
MS5D v0.9 ready
Checkerboards of Klein's Quartic
Variations of Rubik's Cube puzzle
Interesting object
rubik accessories
mc5d solved [1 Attachment]
The 3 slice pentachoron
Spams on Superliminal wiki
Regular Polytopes in 4D
macros for120-cell
Social dream
Ranking list for the 120-Cell
slicing up MagicTile puzzles without triangle vertex figures
slicing up MagicTile puzzles without triangle vertex
Twists description
{8,3} 5 layers solved :)
Magic Tile - 3 colors, 7 layers solved.
MagicTile Extension in Superliminal/Wiki
M12 puzzle
new hemi-cube and hemi-dodecahedron puzzles
Hemi-Gigaminx solved :)
partial solved klein's quartic
Klein's Quartic of length 3 / Edges
Nelson solves the Klein Quartic (first solver?)
My partial edges solution for KQ Length 3
youngest Magic120Cell solver
Magic Tile {8,3} 6 Colors, 3 Layers, Slicing factor = 1.15 solved
Magic Tile {8,3} 6 Colors, 3 Layers, Slicing factor =
Klein's Quartic Length 3
{6,3}, 3 layers, factor=1.2, 9 and 16 colors solved :)
Solution animations
{8,3}, 3 layers, factor=1.15,12 colors solved.
Wiki spam build-up
Wiki updates
KQ video
Reorganizing the various halls of fame?
{6,3}, 16 colors, factor=1.4 solved!
Hemi-Pyraminx-Crystal solved
MagicTile Hexa 9 colors length 5 solved
Latch Cube
wiki update (how to get an account for the wiki now)
Some funny pictures:
Some funny pictures - resend
Full scrambled 3^4 solved...
New multydimensional puzzle
24-cell in MPUltr
Hi everyone, I'm back!
Flat Rubik
Hi! I'm new here!
Order-2 Klein's Quartic permutation count
Correction of erroneous order-2 Klein's Quartic permutation count
Further correction of erroneous order-2 Klein's Quartic permutation count
Klein's Quartic n-order formula and specific values
some stained glass
Generalized corner orientation theorem
Goldilock's function
Goldilock's function (Some math discussion! Enter at your own risk! :)
MPUlt v0.2 is ready
MPUlt v0.21 is ready
MPUlt v0.3 is ready
16-cell FT solved
3^6 solved!
24-cell FT solved!
yet more new puzzles and a prize
3^6 solved!
Date: Frida=

Introducing MC4D build 181
4D_diag (deep-cut vertex turning hypercube) solved
MagicTile v2 Preview update
puzzle avalanche continues
MPUlt v1.0 is ready!
"Alternative" puzzles corrected
MPUlt v1.05
MPUlt v1.06 is uploaded
MPUlt supports 600-cell!
Second solve of 3^7 !!!
4D Playground
4D on i-pode
Notes on 3^4 alt, 2x2x3x3 and 2x3x4x5
Ranking list for the 120-Cell [1 Attachment]
4D Car
Infinite Regular Polyhedra Puzzles
My new favorite IRP puzzle
Magic 120-cell solved using MPUlt v1.06
log file
48-cell Shallow cut FT solved using MPUlt
God's Number for n^3 cubes.
God's Number for n^4 cubes.
Update on my situation
God's number for 3^N (and what about 2^N?)
God's number for 3^N
State graph of MC2D
Random Permutations and some Interesting References
Blindfolded hypersolving
3^5 solved!
120-cell solved...
Flat equivalent of a 4D Rubik Cube Puzzle
24 cell face turning
Link for MPult
Where are you all?
24cell FT
the 8 4D crosses, each at the center of a cell
New puzzles in MPUltimate
{7,3} vertex and edge turning puzzles
24-cell solved
Macros for MagicTile
Omnitrucated simplex solved.
4D puzzles in Gelatinbrain's applet
new {5,4} puzzles
Visualizing the surface of Klein's Quartic in 4D
Another {7,3} puzzle
IRP {4,6} VT solved
more spherical goodies
Hyperburg - 3-dimensional version of Carcassonne
Fw: Dioctipoid
Hello! Again...
Just saw a model of the cantellated 600-cell
Magic Cube 5D
MagicTile updates: stereo, new puzzles, etc.
Super Puzzle Sunday!
New here
New here (on understanding higher dimensions)
More IRPs and slicemasks for MagicTile
Klein and Gnonomic projection models
New contest
Solving 3^7
4D-interactive puzzles in MagicTile
Beauty contest progress
first IRP
MagicTile Dodecahedron F 2:0:1 solved
MagicTile solve
Megan Fox is one of us!!
MagicTile, Topology of MT IRP {5,5} 8c F 0:0:0.85
MagicTile, Topology of MT IRP {5,5} 8c F 0:0:0.85
MagicTile IRP {6,6} 4c V 0:0:1 solved
MagicTile IRP {6,4} 8c F 0:0:1 solved
MagicTile skew {4,4|3} 9c F 0:0:1 solved
MagicTile skew {4,4|3} 9c E 0:1:0 and V 0:0:1 solved
MagicTile skew {4,4|3} 16c V 0:0:1 solved
MagicTile eucl torus and klein {3,6} 8c E 0:1:0 solved
MagicTile skew {4,4|3} 16c F 0:0:1 and E 0:1:0 solved
MagicTile IRP {6,4} 8c E 1:0:0 and V 0:0:1 solved
About the number of permutations of MC4D calculating
MagicTile skew {4,4|5} 25c F 0:0:1 solved
MagicTile IRP {4,6} 12c E 0:1:0 solved
MagicTile solves
Calculating the number of permutation of 2by2by2by2by2 (2^5)
Calculating the number of permutation of 2by2by2by2by2
Calculating the number of permutation of
Video puzzle
MagicTile solving
Edge turning {3,7} IRP solved
Faulty Logic Counting States for 4D Center-Edge Cubies
Making a puzzle based on 11-cell
4D Developer
MagicTile solvings
Mechanisms for x^n where n>3
A lovely 120-Cell visualization
Lego robot solves Rubik's Cube in 5 seconds?
"Three strange {8,4} colorings"
When are puzzles solved? Opinions?
MC4D: CFOP method test
MC4D: CFOP method test [1 Attachment]
color graphs of MagicTiles
color graph
New {4,5} IRP puzzles
Regular abstract polytopes based on {5,3,4} and {4,3,5}
Spinpossible -- Simple but extremely challenging group theory based puzzle
Solving Klein Quartic {3,7} 56-Color
Some code
Front-facing cells unculled
New Solution Page: 2 Layer Simplex
Hyperbolic Honeycomb {7,3,3}
I just joined the 4D cubing group!
120 cell
More {3,3,8} pics and new {3,8} MagicTile puzzles
New 3^4 method (4d cfop analogue) posted on wiki
MHT633 8 colour solved
More {3,3,8} pics and new {3,8} MagicTile puzzles [1 Attachment]
MagigTile Solving
Second {3,3,8} video
MagicTile Solving
Escher-style puzzle on Hyperbolic plane
log file opening error
3^4 hall of fame
MagicTile Solving: tiny size / big challenge
MagicTile Solving: tiny size / big challenge [1 Attachment]
MT {8,3} 10 colors
MagivTile Solving
Which is the most difficult for it's size?
7^4 first solve
Henry Segerman and the 30-cell puzzle
Overflow in Wiki pages
I'm solving the 600-cell
Message 2465 repeated
Guides for the 3^4 hypercube
flaw in 4 color theorem "proof"
Edge sets in MagicTile
Edge Sets in MagicTile
New Klein Quartic puzzle by Gelatinbrain
Difficult MT puzzles
MagicTile Solving intermediate report
Seed a moebius strip to a hole in a sphere
still moebiusband
MagicTile, animated stereo sample
RefleCube: a reflection on the Rubik's Cube
MT colorings
parity problem
MagicTile skew {6,4|3} 20 v200
Theorem of Astrelin
MagicTile Coloring
uploading file in wiki
MagicTile Considerations
What do Rubik and Escher have in common with Banking?
SF meet-up
SF meet-up this Saturday January 26 in Glen Park at noon
Parity problem in MT
SF meet-up this Saturday January 26 in Glen Park at
New solve of 3^7 !
A book!
Parity aspects in skew MagicTile
Lollipop: a Complex 2D puzzle
New solves
What is MHT633?
About me
Halfcut 120-cell
Mathematical minds
New Parity problem in MagicTile
To much credit
New parity problem in MT
How to download improved magic tile
Solving MagicTile
Edging closer to a physical 4D puzzle
MagicTile Solving (300th)
Puzzle in Minkowski Space?
{3,3,6} crystal cube
4D dice?
Google+ On-Air Hangout with Erno Rubik 7/18
The exotic {4,4,4}
Fifth solve of 3^7!
site for MC7D and MPUlt is changed
FW: Magic Cube 7d SOLVED!!!!!
{10,3}, 6 colors? The exotic {4,4,4}
Geo Builders
hypercube on Abstruse Goose
Erno Rubik posts on G+
Your expertise
MagicTile =?UTF-8?B?e+KIniwzfSBzb2x1dGlvbnM=?=
New puzzles
New 4D solver :)
MPUltimate 1.5
New member
resolution of 4X4 cube [2 Attachments]
Favorite puzzle-2
120Z solved!!!
Mc6d solved!!!
Missing reply about Mc6d and 120Z
Stuck on MC5D
New MagicTile puzzles
Miegakure, a 4D puzzle-platforming game
Lecture on the complexity of games and puzzles
New puzzle: Lights Out 3D
Lights Out 3D
Two basic open problems re the n^3 Rubik's cube
Efficiency of solving a permutation puzzle
Hello, Joseph here.
I have problems with solving the top face
Buhler, Jackson, and Sibley
MC5D: controls for U and V hypercells?
Magic 120-cell solved, yay
Swapping two adjacent corners on the 4d cube.
Web site spike
Orthogonal - game based on Greg Egan's novel
the checkerboard pattern
Other 4D patterns
4D Cubing versions
4.26273802 * 10^226929
Need Help on the 3x3x3x3x3
I hope you have a puzzling new year
The 2c piece
Introduction (+ news of my own)
Sixth solve of 3^7!
Snowcrash and Permutation City
Introducing myself
Scramble the stickers of a normal 3x3 Rubiks cube
Scramble the stickers of a normal 3x3 Rubiks cube [2 Attachments]
New speedsolving contest
New 3^4 shortest solution! (227 twists)
Checkerboard patterns on the 3x3x3x3
puzzle code opensourced
Viewing Log Files
Superliminal Wiki
MagicCube5D Stickers
Superliminal Wiki back up?
Wiki up!
{4,3,3} 3.2 as a valid puzzle?
120Cell Solved!!!
Middle =?UTF-8?Q?slices=3F?=
Middle slices?
Wierd 4c case in MagicCube5D
MagicCube5D Solved!!! (Thoughts on the Solve)
7-th Solve of 7-dimensional cube :)
Various issues with MC4D
Solved 5^4 After 13+ Year Gap from 3^4
A Time for Everything
5x5x5x5 Solve video
Rotations of MC4D
120Cell question
Question about physical cube
Physical 4D puzzle progress
Games about compass-and-straightedge construction
Visualizing Hyperbolic Honeycombs
3D printing voxels
Visualizing 4D Environment
Log Question
Log Question [1 Attachment]
3x3x3x3 'LBL' Solve
Visualizing Hyperobjects
Magic 120Cell tips
Visualizing Space from Ana/ Kata.
Another 4D game
image from previous thread
How big is a 120-cell?
Would it be a good idea to use numbers instead of colors for MC5D?
Solving my first 3x3x3x3 hypercube
MC5D suggestion
re: Greetings
Nested macros
Version 4.2 released
AlphaGo, 4D Go, Hyperbolic Go
Introducing myself and MC7D related questions
Miegakure (and off-topic AlphaGo and quantum chess)
Don't forget MagicTile
Research Project
Any thoughts on making a Rubik's Cube with more than 7 dimensions?
5^5 Solved
4^4 Parity solutions
Rearranging macros with MC7D
MC5D solution stats
MC7D on Ubuntu
MagicTile and Michael
First solve of 5^6
Is it possible to change the orientation of one 3c of 4^5?
Mathologer video on solving the 4D cube
Fisheye model of spherical geometry in MagicTile
Custom color scheme for 8-sided puzzles.
A layer-by-layer method! (With video tutorial coming sometime)
Hello 4D_Cubing!
Cube puzzles and math
3^4 parity?
My introduction
Calculate number of permutation of restricted cube
3^6 solved
[4D_Cubing] New poll for 4D_Cubing
[4D_Cubing] An existing poll has been modified, check it out.
[4D_Cubing] An existing poll has been modified, check it out. All votes have been reset.
How do I swap two faces on the 3^4?
[MC7D] preliminary move recommendations.
Automatic and hybrid solutuons?
Inside a hypercube
4D puzzle math
Who I am
New permutation puzzles in mind
Inside a hypercube (and Java Applets)
How to make a better 3x3x3x3
Brief introduction of myself
Introducing myself, *long post warning*
Earthquake Puzzle
New member- introduction
Introduction Post
A Brief Introduction
How do I start coding?
50 MagicTile solvings
New MagicTile solving situation nov 2016
A Quick Introduction
MagicTile few colors
Newbie queries on Magic Tile - Klein Rubik
Does this form have a name?
Mathologers MagicTile Challenge
climat warming
9^4 Hypercube Solve
Generating additional puzzles for MagicTile
Introduction, Thoughts, and a Question
Cannot upload files in superliminal wiki?
1000+ MagicTile Puzzles
New Member
Remembering Andrey Astrelin
an error message
Favourite puzzles
Hello world!
Physical 4D puzzle achieved
(overly long)Newest Solver Introduction
Physical 4D puzzle achieved [1 Attachment]
Speedsolving the 3^4
Introduction of the 307th solver
Polish Hypercube Tutorial
Stellated intersection of cylinders
Stellating intersection of cylinders
Create hypercubing subreddit?
Regarding blindfold solves
Physical 4D puzzle V2
Introduction 311th solver.
New MagicTile projection
Human perceptual limitations
Melinda's physical 2^4 puzzle, Marc's videos 1-6
3^4 methods and speed optimisation
Methods for 5+ dimensions
ZZ^4 - ZZ-type method for 3^4
re: ZZ^4 - ZZ-type method for 3^4 [1 Attachment]
3-cycle demo on phys 2^4
A new class of puzzles in MagicTile: Lights On
234th solver
About me, the 322nd solver
minor, but fun MagicTile enhancements
325th solver
New Member (323rd)
326th Solver
New Member #330 Ty Jones!
Solving 7-dimensional cubes
Introduction 331st solver :)
New Member # 332 Josh Vincent
Macro files
Sticker-based physical 2^4 and flatland 2^3 demo videos
Virtual vs Physical 2^4 Correspondence
Physical 2^4 puzzle: the ROIL moveset
Flatland 3^3 and steps toward physical 3^4
VeryPuzzle selling a puzzle it calls a 4D cube
2x2x2x2 blindfold solve!
importing and exporting MagicCube5D macros?
Andrey biography and code
Speedsolving times
Interesting new game.
Time for another speedsolving contest!
Melinda's physical 2^4 puzzle, full puzzle rotations
Melinda's physical 2^4 puzzle, mirrors
Melinda's physical 2^4 puzzle, mirrors [1 Attachment]
Reddit Thread for 4D Cubing Competition
Yes, there is handedness in 4D, 5D, etc
Testing for end of major Yahoo Groups outage
Chirality, orientation (~= handedness, inside-outness)
Melinda's 2x2x2x2 solved
Cuboid parity-esque situation on a {6}x{4} duoprism
Cuboid parity-esque situation on a {6}x{4} duoprism [2 Attachments]
Speedsolving contest test successful
Solved 3^5, 3^6 and 3^7
Will you join us in the speedsolving race Sunday?
MC4D wiki records
I finally publicly announced the physical 2x2x2x2
Reminder, contest begins in 20 minutes
Puzzles on linux
Public video on physical 2x2x2x2
Solved physical 2^4
Physical 2^4, horizontal versus vertical, short vid
Speedcubing physical 2^4
Physical 2x2x2x2 - Canonical moves
The Any8 moveset
My duoprism method
Get your physical 2^4 puzzles!
POLL: Positive rotation convention
Cooperative Solving of Large Puzzles
Rubik-like puzzle
My physical 2^4 solution
Puzzle Group Centers and Superflips
Puzzle Group Centers and Superflips [3 Attachments]
Physical 2x2x2x2 canonical moves video
More MagicTile solves
New physical 2^4 single PB
The physical 2x2x2x2 as seen by a 'regular' cuber.
Proposed scrambling notation for the physical 2^4
Color modifier for MC4D
Abstracting the Rubik's Cube
MagicTile build for Mac
How I pre-orient the physical 2^4 puzzle.
Erno Rubik contemplating Melinda's 2x2x2x2
Physical 2x2x2x2 into video from a cubing channel
Physical 2x2x2x2 - Solution attempt by Can Chris Solve
Animated transforms between 2^4-representations
Puzzles on a non-orientable {7,3}
Physical 2x2x2x2 HOF
Can Chris finish the 2x2x2x2?
New Solver
Annotated 2x2x2x2 solve.
2x2x2x2: a few algs and an example solve
Spanish !
2x2x2x2: Monoflip demo side-by-side with MC4D
wikipedia entry for Melinda's physical 2x2x2x2
correction and question
ROIL Zero explanation, was correction and question
2x2x2x2: List of useful algorithms (please add yours)
2x2x2x2 solution and analysis
ClojureScript scrambler and some ideas about a near-optimal solver
ClojureScript scrambler and some ideas about a
ClojureScript scrambler and some ideas about a near-optimal solver (plus "Fourtega" variant and my solve video)
3x3x3x3 move edge without mixing another stickers
2x2x2x2: mini-puzzle "twisty stacky 2^3"
2x2x2x1: Gyro rotations, and seeking the equivalent 4D cuboid
2x2x2x1: Gyro rotations, and seeking the equivalent 4D
Virtual 2x2x2x2 speedsolve world record
A program I made
=?UTF-8?Q?Physical_2x2x2x2=3A_algorithm_t?= =?UTF-8?Q?hat_fixes_a_single_180=C2=B0_twist?=
Notation and turn metrics for the 2x2x2x2
A program I made [1 Attachment]
Macro Reference Stickers
Non-associative "twisty" puzzles
Trouble with 2C pieces in 5D cube
Complex 3x3x3
new member introduction
5D parity ?
#64 5d solve introduction, guide & next adventure :) Happy new year!!
#64 5d solve introduction, guide & next adventure :) Happy
2^5 solution
3D/4D/... cube using "crystal" presentation
Electronic 2x2x2x2
Please nominate Melinda's 2x2x2x2 for the National Toy Hall of Fame
Please nominate Melinda's 2x2x2x2 for the National Toy
4D Pocket Cube Nomination

3^4 10:11.87 Speedsolve World Record
3^4 10:11.87 Speedsolve World Record [1 Attachment]
New member introduction
Possible MagicCube4D Guide
Spherical distortion on 4D to 3D cameras
Visualization of regular star polytopes
Minimal number of pieces affected via a slice move in n-dimensions
Minimal number of pieces affected via a slice move in
MagicTile Eucl KB {6,3} 16 e200
error in MagicTile memo
MagicTile Eucl torus {6,3} 16 e200
2^4 Blind in <15 minutes
MagicTile earth quake
Very big question for MagigTile
New Memeber
Changing platforms for 4D_Cubing

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