? The Series

The Ultimate Solution to a 3x3x3x3

using the interface of MagicCube4D

The Series

The 3D solution required two sequences of moves, the ?Edge Piece Series? and ?The Corner Piece Series.?  The 4D solution will use both of these and a few additional sequences.  To hopefully reduce confusion, for this discussion I am going to rename the series. 

The 3D ?Edge Piece Series? I will call the ?Two-Color Series.? 

The 3D ?Corner Piece Series? I will call the ?First Three-Colored Series.? 

The reason is that, as you will see, the four-move ?Edge Piece Series? is going to be used to solve the ?face? pieces of the 4D cube, and the eight-move ?Corner Piece Series? will be used to solve ?edge? pieces of the 4D cube.  Using an edge series for face pieces and a corner series for edge pieces would become too confusing and hence the name change.  I got confused just typing that last sentence.


The Two-Color Series

The 3 Three-Color Series

The 2 Four-Color Series