Using Stereo Photo Maker's Clone tool

StereoPhoto Maker contains a cloning feature that works pretty well. The problem is that it's virtually impossible to figure out how to use it on your own. Thanks to David Starkman ( for the original instructions, and to Sharon Primbsch for testing and polish.

Notice that holding the Shift key changes the cursor into a paintbrush. Cloning is done by using this tool to paint into the right image using pixels from the left, but first you must align the region of interest.
  1. Before beginning, if the color balance or exposures of the left and right images don't match, use Adjust > Auto Color Adjustment, selecting the better of the two images as the control.
  2. Find a spot you want to clone into. Be sure to only work on objects at a single depth at a time.
  3. If the spot you want to correct is in the left image, swap the images so that the to-be-corrected image is on the right temporarily. (View > Swap Left/Right (X shortcut)
  4. Use Adjust > Easy Adjustment (K shortcut) to superimpose left and right images
  5. Paint area in the right image to be corrected. Zoom in if necessary:
  6. When finished, swap images back to their original Left/Right orientation if needed, and adjust the stereo window (Left/Right arrow keys) or Adjust > Auto alignment (Alt+A shortcut) to finalize the image.
  7. Save the corrected image. That's it!