Melinda Green
Android GUI Developer

San Francisco, CA


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Scan the QR code on the right with your Android device or click the following link on the web to see my published apps. For examples of the source code quality you should expect from me see the Code Examples section below with links to both C++ and Java components I have published.


Java/Swing, Java/Android, Android Studio, Eclipse, OOD, UML, XML, HTML, VRML, GitHub, Perforce, JIRA

Code Examples

My web site Superliminal.com contains many good examples of my design and programming abilities including

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Employment History

Still working on my own apps and other open source projects. Open to interesting new contracts.
Personal privacy and security related apps including
Both apps are shipped standard on the security-based Blackphone. Notice both apps on the screen shot. Ars Technica describes both apps in their review here.
Environment: Java/Android, AndroidStudio, GitHub.
This is my consultancy. Apps built for clients include
Between contracts and full-time jobs I design, develop and publish my own apps and widgets in my Android store and provide customer support for about 100,000 total installs and adding to my library of Android tools and components.
: Java/Android, Eclipse.
Responsible for maintaining all published apps in the Google Play market, especially the uTorrentRemote app that lets users remotely manage torrents on their home PCs. I brought usage from about half a million users to over 1.6 million with improved stability and responsibility to support them all. Also developed the Android front-end of an entirely new social network called “ SoShare" which lets users share and socialize around home photos, videos and other large files transferred using the uTorrent engine. The mobile apps were critical for this product because smartphones are the devices that are creating most of this sort of content.
Environment: Java/Android, Eclipse, Pivotal, Git.
Helped improve BookSmart, their book creation/publishing/print-on-demand desktop GUI.
: Java/Swing, MS Visual Studio, Bugzilla.
Senior developer on the front end of the Second Life virtual world. Created and ran a small program chartered with providing small features and visual polish for a very complex user interface with millions of passionate users.
: C++, XML, MS Visual Studio, SVN, Second Life, IRC.
Helped polish and extend the rich desktop client for a Network security product.
: Java/Swing, Idea, LabEscape.
Principal architect and technical lead of UI group producing a high-powered front-end to SenSage's powerful log file management and real-time alerting system. This is a pure Java/Swing application deployed via Java Web Start. Screenshots here.
Environment: Java, Web Start, JSON, Idea, Perforce, YIM.
Member of Swing UI team designing and implementing the next-generation version of GeneExpress, the company's flagship product. Also resident visualization expert creating embedded and stand-alone tools for visualizing data mined from the company's enormous database of genetic expression data which scientists probe in order to better understand disease processes and to find potential drugs an drug targets that might treat particular diseases.
: Java, Swing, Kawa, Java3D, VRML.
Taught two semesters of the class Java: Discovering Its Power.
Contracted to add real-time streaming quote data to Velocity, their on-line trading application for their top 10% of active users.
Environment Java/Swing, ClearCase.
Helped with UI development for a genetic annotation application
Environment: Java/Swing, XML, JBuilder, CVS, Bugzilla.
Developed a complete DOOM-like multi-user Java3D distributed game commissioned by Sun Microsystems for demos at Java One '99 and SIGGRAPH '99.
Environment: Java/Swing, Java3D, RMI.
Direct3D programming for Fluid3D – a streaming 3D animation toolkit.
Responsible for all aspects of the 3D client user interface which was their unique interface that launched the company. Developed several novel techniques that allow smooth and natural display and navigation of arbitrarily deeply nested hierarchies or complex information graphs. Received a patent on one such technique.
Environment: Java, AWT.
Member of Advanced Technology Group (ATG) as expert in 3D technology and techniques. Successfully introduced modern C++ and interactive 3D graphics to an old-school games company.

Most notable achievement was as a core member on the Lego project, helping to get the first Lego license by a games company and to architect the product as a true real-time immersive 3D game. The first title " Adventures on Lego Island" was released to distributors in September of 1997 with a first printing of 400,000 copies.

Developed TGL (Thin Graphics Layer) an abstract 3D game API used initially by the Lego product to provide a porting layer on top of Direct3D and other rendering libraries.
Environment: C++, MS Visual Studio, MS Direct3D, MS Visual Source Safe.
Multimedia Division 9/93 – 4/95 Developed the Cyberspace Developer's Kit (CDK), a portable library of C++ classes which allow developers to rapidly generate virtual reality applications. Designing and implementing new features, documenting and testing. Developed on Windows NT/VisualC++ and UNIX platforms. Also developed techniques for interactive navigation of arbitrarily large data sets (billions of polygons).

Core Technology Group 1/92 – 8/93 Basic research and prototyping for product groups. Design and development of the Graphics Subsystem GS), a portable, object-oriented abstraction to 3D graphics libraries. Implemented the GS on Hoops.
: C++, MFC, Hoops, ClearCase.