Stock Charts


NOTE: This desktop implementation has been replaced by the newer Android version. It still works but will not be maintained.

This is a simple Java application that allows you to enter ticker symbols and plot the last several months of it's historical price data. I wrote it to provide the following features one or more of which is missing from all other charting software I've seen:
These features make the program an ideal way to become acquainted with unfamiliar stocks or to track interesting stocks from time to time for the big picture which is otherwise difficult to get. To use, first download the StockChart application. Save the file any place that is convenient for you. Double click the file to run it. Note: It will only run if you have the Java Runtime Environment installed. If you don't have it installed, you can get the Java RTE from Sun. Simply download the Java RTE and install it and then reinstall StockChart.

The charts let you see the price you bought particular stocks in the same chart as it's price graph. Notice the "water level" in the image above showing that I'm back in positive territory. You can enter the stock symbols in your portfolio and the prices you bought them at by using the Edit->Symbols menu item which will launch a symbol editor dialog. The drop-down arrow next to the symbol type-in box lets you quickly see and select from the symbols you've entered. Note that you can also add symbols you don't own but just want to monitor, simply by adding symbols without prices.

This program is free for all non-commercial purposes. If you have a commercial application you'd like to integrate this charting functionality into, or simply have questions or feedback, please just email me.

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