Click around in the applet below to see how easy it is to create interesting tilings. Please also visit the Tyler Art Gallery for ideas and to see some of what is possible to create. When you want to become a power user, please scroll down and read the simple instructions below.

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This will get you an executable jar file which should run on any machine with java installed. On Windows, just save it to your machine and then just double-click to launch. On UNIX or other such obsolete platforms the command line "java -jar Tyler.jar" will likely work for you. The stand-alone version includes additional functionality to save and load drawing files so you can save your works-in-progress and edit them later. The data file format is fairly simple and can be used to move polygonal data between applications.

If the program won't run, you probably do not have Java installed. The simplest way to get Java is to get the Java RTE from Sun. Simply download the Java RTE or JDK and install. Afterwards double-clicking the jar file should launch the stand-alone Tyler program.

Written by Melinda Green and Don Hatch

Feel free to view the Java source code.

Another tiling applet allowing only uniform, complete tilings.
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