Notes on Blindfold Solving 4D Puzzles


Blindfold solving of 4D puzzles doesn't mean having your eyes covered. It's done by

  1. Scrambling the puzzle
  2. Studying and planning your solution
  3. Hiding all the colors
  4. Performing your solution
  5. Celebrating or crying

You toggle blindfold mode with Preferences > Modes > Blindfold, or using the <ctrl>D key. MC4D will automatically unblind when solved.

Nan Ma created a wiki entry for blindsolving along with a HOF for records.

If you wish to submit a blindfold solution, you can still just edit the wiki to reflect your accomplishment, however if you want to claim a new record, you should do more than that. Since it is impossible to prevent cheating, I will list all the things that I would ideally like to see, and you should do as many of them as you reasonably can. Feel free to suggest changes to the mailing list.

The most important thing will be to video the entire attempt and upload it to YouTube. Here is what such a solution video should include:

  1. Set your camera in a stationary location with a clear view of your screen, face and hands.
  2. Turn on video timestamps to help determine the length of your solution, and/or start a large on-screen timer.
  3. Set MC4D to full-screen.
  4. The shot should be done in a single, unedited take without you ever leaving the frame.
  5. Ideally, have a witness in the room who will be willing to verify your solution. They should not be within your view and there should be no communication between you during your attempt.
  6. Finish by showing and stopping any timer, and perhaps zoom the camera in to show the twist counter.
  7. Upload your video to YouTube, edit the HOF to link to it and include your log file, and send a notice to the mailing list.

The published date of the YouTube video can be taken as an official record to resolve questions of solution orders. Of course it takes a while to upload a video, so the published date will probably often not be on the same day of the actual solution, so just note your actual solution date in the description and HOF. Here is a video of the first no-macro blindfold 24 by Matthew Sheerin.

Good luck!

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