Ordering Melinda's 2x2x2x2

I sell both kits and fully-assembled puzzles. Kits are $47, and preassembled puzzles are an extra $20. The design is simple enough for most people to assemble on their own. If you are uncertain which way to go, here is an instructional video you can use to correctly assemble your cubies, which will give you a good idea of what assembly entails. Here is an exploded view showing the proper arrangement of stickers on each cubie:

Kits include everything you need. IE parts, magnets, polarity guide, magnet pusher tool, and assembly jig. And if you buy 3 kits, I will give you a 4th one free! It is mostly just me assembling them all, so I encourage others to buy kits in bulk to build, gift, or sell.

US domestic shipping is $10, and international is $20 regardless of how many you buy. Just click the following link to send me an email with your order information. If there is a waiting list, I will add you to it and will estimate the wait time. I won't take your money until I have something to ship right away, at which time I will send you the PayPal link and instructions.

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