Oakland Stereo Camera Club Submissions

I have a strong interest in 3D photography. In mid 2009 I joined the Oakland Camera Club which is a local 3D chapter of a national camera club. It's a small group of BayArea 3D enthusiasts which holds friendly monthly judged competitions.


A silly self photo of me relaxing on the grass at the Palace of Fine Arts. The images in this row were all taken with the club's funky loaner camera that they make available to new members.

Another Palace of Fine Arts snap from the same day.

Joe Recto, a good friend of mine learning to ground-handle a paraglider before taking to the skies. This image took first place in the B division. A nice introduction to the club competition for me. Thanks, Joe!

This next set is from a trip in my friend Christian's small plane. He lets me open the canopy in-flight to take snapshots out the side. Assembling them into hyper-stereo images is a lot of fun because it gives you a god's eye view of things that you can't normally see in 3D. Here I'm experimenting with non-rectangular cropping to reduce the amount of detail in one eye's view that is not also in the other.

A reservoir near the Grapevine pass between the Central Valley and the San Fernando Valley.

Docks seen on landing approach into San Carlos. Playing with the "tilt-shift" Photoshop camera effect which makes everything look like tiny models. This works especially well with hyper-stereo images. In this case making the ships look like bathtub toys.

The Golden Gate Bridge from a Presideo overlook. I used a lot of Photoshop work to erase the boats that moved between the shots and to insert the zeppelin which I snapped in the same general area a couple weeks later.

A view from our Apartment. I replaced the flat white sky with a more interesting one whose color scheme matched the rest of the image. This one took 3rd place in my division.

This is Critter, our sweet kitty. Amazing that she held still enough for me to take separate stereo images, but then it took me a lot of tries before I got a good pair.

Extreme close-up of an Orchid Rockrose in the Presideo.

Beautiful white roses on the Lucas campus.

The Marina at dusk got me an honorable mention.

Tilt-shift hyper stereo snap of downtown San Francisco taken from a cross country flight with our cheap point-and-shoot camera with which I shot most of these images.

I used a rented professional camera for this set of hyper stereo images and it sure does make a difference! Another experiment in non-rectangular cropping.

Downtown Los Angeles. The judge was amazed that the buildings looked just like little chess pieces. It got an honorable mention which is nice because I like it a lot.

Sunrise breaking through the clouds. Rather washed out but I really like the idea of showing radiating sun rays in 3D, and it achieves that at least. What looks like ground beneath your feet is actually rolling hills thousands of feet down.

Composite stereogram created from carefully selected exposures taken from the pair of solar satellites called SOLAR. The satellites were about 30 million miles apart at the time and each image is a false-color composite of exposures at three different wavelengths of ultra violet.

Just for fun, a 3D photo of my family looking at a 3D photo. The images on the laptop were changed between snapping the left and right images so that you can see the laptop image in stereo even if they didn't.

On a workbench in the Exploratorium shop developing a new exhibit, 10,000 volts create this table-top aurora.

A magical valley from the coast road just north of Santa Cruz. Don't know why but it always calls to me when I drive past.

Raptor sanctuary in the Marin Headlands along the edge of the cliffs over the Golden Gate. The road appears to dead-end at the bunkers at the top of this hill but this little-known picturesque one-way road snakes down from there towards the light house. This photo was shot from a little knoll partway down and looking back.

1st place prize, May 2010. Stone path leading down to the white roses.

2nd place prize, May 2010. Soon to be demolished. My car was totaled almost directly over this spot just weeks later.

3rd place prize, May 2010. A hat trick! This was my girlfriend Mikayla inside a cool underground passage in the Presideo. Most of my stereo photos like this one are done with a normal camera by taking two consecutive shots from different angles. In some cases like this one, that involves asking my subjects to remain motionless between the two shots as any motion will create obvious problems.

Took a prize in April 2010 I believe. I forget which one. This is the front entryway to one of the multi-million dollar houses looking over the Marina Green.

Took another prize in April 2010 I believe. From the same flight to New York above, a huge cumulus cloud ringed by smaller clouds from the same rising thermal over Lovelock Nevada. Note the sandstorm in the background.

1st place prize, June 2010 Special category "Architecture". Side yard of a house in the Marina. I didn't even like this image very much but I guess the judge did.

2nd place prize, June 2010 Architecture. Pacific Heights house. I like this one much better but it only took 2nd place. Everything is circles including the moon in the background.

Honorable mention, June 2010. Long shadows and sunset colors off Chrissy Field.

Second place prize, July 2010. From a hilltop in Clayton, CA

Honorable Mention, July 2010. Named after the Escher print of the same name because it shows details behind, on, and reflected by a surface. A building in the Presideo.

3rd place prize, August 2010. From the top of Divisidero looking down Green Street towards Russian Hill.

Construction of the new East span of the Oakland-San Francisco Bay Bridge as it meets Treasure Island.

Honorable Mention, September 2010. A wistful Mikayla framed by beautiful blue flowers on the Lucas campus in the Presideo.

2nd place prize, September 2010, special category. This month's special category was called "Found/Accidental 3D" which is for any discovered imagery that was not intended to be in 3D. This pair of image captures from a panning shot in South Park episode 1206 was just the thing.

I really love this aerial hyperstereogram shows streaming sun rays through the fringe of a thin cloud layer, with a downpour just visible behind them.

2nd place prize, October 2010. An archer at the range in Steven's Creek County Park in Cupertino, CA.

Honorable Mention, October 2010. Looking from the cliff top down to the beach near Mussell Rock State Park.

2nd place prize, November 2010. Part of the huge construction site for the multi-billion dollar Doyle drive replacement project.

Honorable Mention, November 2010. A vibrant fall sunset over the Presideo

My friends Don and Kim inside the San Francisco city hall. Their love is palpable.

2nd place prize, January 2011. Alcatraz Island chosen from a long sequence I took from Christian's plane. I almost passed it up because it looked so flat but with my basic Photoshop processing it really popped out and needed no touch-ups or trickery.

Honorable Mention, January 2011. This is me from a walk with my sweetie Mikayla. She was too shy to model this time so she shot me instead.

1st place prize, March 2011. The moon drew me to shoot up at a dramatic angle that I would not have otherwise thought to try. I love how the stone appears to be glowing from within.

Some of the most beautiful, remote and pristine wilderness in the Sierra Mountains. Even though this didn't take any prize, this is still one of my all-time proudest photos.

A beautiful latina in her quinceanera dress for photos at the Palace of Fine Arts, 2/12/2011

Honorable Mention, April 2011. The sun setting behind the Palace of Fine Arts.

Honorable Mention, July 2011. Snapped while helping to test a super-secret unannounced 3D smart phone.

Honorable Mention, July 2011 Special category "Fill The Frame". This is my mother posing in the new museum in Sacramento.

1st place prize, September 2011. Passing San Francisco International Airport. The image quality is poor but the judge kindly overlooked that.

1st place prize, September 2011 Special category "Through The Window" This is a reworking of a previous winner with an added window. It also went on to be selected as one of the top five images of the year. I thought it was a poor exposure and little silly but judges often like silly.

Honorable Mention, September 2011. Snapped with the HTC Evo 3D (now no longer secret), contains almost no 3D depth but does make for a serene oceanscape.

1st place prize, January 2012. Another Evo 3D snap at the Palace of Fine Arts. Notice the symmetry of a mother and child of two species. The children are curious about each other, the mothers are being casually protective, and each with an old goose in the background. Sorry, couldn't resist.

3rd place prize, January 2012. From the same flight as "Desolation Lake" above but this time a winner.

"Found" hyperstereo selected frames from a NASA video made from frames shot from the International Space Station, this stereo pair shows Calgary, Canada in the foreground and bright aurora borealis circling the North Pole in the background. Don't we live on a beautiful planet?

2nd place prize, March 2012. I just shot some lovely low clouds as they drifted overhead. Shooting perpendicular to the wind direction and taking sequential images creates a natural stereo effect since the lowest clouds move the fastest across the screen.

Honorable Mention, March 2012. Perhaps a 12 foot stereo separation shot from a hillside overlooking Clayton California and the rock quarry behind it. This is the second time I submitted it but this time I performed some creative cropping to reduce the effect of the window violations.

Honorable mention, March 2012. I paid this sad gentle man a couple dollars for the shot on Christmas night the previous year.

Honorable Mention, April 2012. A rare "cricket's eye view" of the business end of a tarantula. Be glad that she is behind glass!

1st place prize, special category "Up In the Air", April 2012 plus Honorable Mention, July 2011. Captured while the pilot was standing at the top of a ridge watching his friend and preparing to take off. I just think this snap is just neat.

Honorable Mention, special category "Up In the Air", April 2012. Taken out the side of a small plane on final landing approach over the port of Redwood City just before sunset with lovely long shadows.

Honorable Mention, also in the same special category, April 2012. Taken from a commercial flight, notice the sandstorm kicking up from Carson Sink, Nevada.

3rd place prize, June 2012. This yellow Labrador puppy was causing quite a stir on Chestnut Street.

1st place prize, July 2012. Another stereogram from a previous sequence of a particularly vibrant sunset in the Marina. This pair was taken at the very height of the sunset intensity.

3rd place prize, July 2012. Backstage in St Dominics church in SF we see the collection baskets that keep the place running.

4th place prize, Special category "Pseudo", July 2012. Piles of twisted rebar left over after the Doyle Drive demolition project separated crushed the concrete containing it. Pumping up the saturation created all the lovely colors, and reversing left and right images created a Jackson Pollock-like effect.

Honorable mention, Special category "Pseudo", July 2012. Many contestants realized that plants and trees make good subjects for reversed stereo. This relatively spherical bush made for a nice effect of concave flowers without a lot of visual confusion.

4th place prize, Special category "Outlaw Creative", August 2012. Close-up of a single sunspot from carefully selected raw data from the two STEREO space probes during a window when they presented a reasonable angle to create stereograms. 3 of 4 wavelengths of UV images for each eye were mapped to the RGB channels to create these lovely false color images.

2nd place prize, August 2012. The protective parent's head protrudes through the stereo window while the cygnet fight for bread.

Honorable mention, August 2012. Enormous fields of shoulder-deep mustard plants at Musscle Rock State Park in Pacifica with a lone paraglider in the distance. This is also another experiment in non-rectangular stereo cropping. In this case the top of the window leans far deeper into the scene than the bottom edge.

3rd place prize, March 2013. Downtown San Francisco with the Sutro tower in the foreground.

Also 3rd place prize in March 2013. How can that be? March is always a "double" competition to make up for February when the focus is on our global contest. This year I ended up with both 3rd place prizes. This stereo pair was taken shortly after the previous pair and then zoomed in to create something more like a still-life than a landscape.

1st place prize, April 2013. Shot out the side of my friend's plane.

2nd place prize, April 2013. Just cropped a bit off the top of a past submission was all that needed to place this pastoral scene.

Honorable mention, April 2013. My friend Jeffrey Ventrella wearing my 3rd generation stereo enhancing goggles. So close to a hat-trick! If only it had taken 3rd place, I'd have swept all three awards. So close.

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