The 4D Mandel/Juli/Buddhabrot Hologram
by Melinda Green

Zr,Ci Plane Outside the M-Set

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Zr,Ci Out

This image involves the Z-real and the C-imaginary axes. Think of this image as being jet another "side-to-side view" through the 4D data box. In 3D there would be only one side-to-side view or projection but in 4D you can say that a box has two completely different side views both at right angles to the front-to-back view as well as to each other. With this one, if you look closely you can just make out some common features of the original Buddhabrot image, especially in the head/crown region.

Lori Gardi pointed out that this particular image resembles a tibetan ritual device called a dorje. Click the following link to see side-by-side images and make your own comparison.