The 4D Mandel/Juli/Buddhabrot Hologram
by Melinda Green

Zi,Ci Plane Outside the M-Set

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Zi,Ci Out

Consider this a top-to-bottom view through the 4D data box. This view displays the trajectories of the Z iterates in the plane defined by both imaginary dimensions (I.E. Zi and Ci). It's interesting to note that you can also see a similar bright diagonal slash in the plane defined by both real dimensions.

Finally, there is only one major plane left in a 4D box: The one defined by the real and iaginary parts of C. But wait! Is that going to be interesting at all? After all, the C dimensions are constant. The Z trajectories can range about the whole 4D space, but if we're only going to increment pixels always based on both C coordinates, then we're each time just beating on the same randomly chosen C pixel a whole bunch of times. Click the "Next" link below to see what happens, and be ready to be surprised!