Melinda's 2x2x2x2

This puzzle is a true 4D analog of the 2x2x2 Rubik's cube. I believe it is the world's first physical 3D embodiment of a 4D twisty puzzle. The video above shows how it works, what the legal moves are, and the basic information you need to use it. The main discussion group for all higher-dimensional puzzling is the 4D_Cubing Yahoo group. There has been quite a bit of discussion there regarding this puzzle, so browse the conversations there for ones with "physical 2x2x2x2" in the subject. Feel free to join the group and ask questions.

How to get one

There are two ways. I can build one for you or you can have one printed and assemble it yourself. This is the page to print your own which includes assembly instructions. It is currently set at the minimum possible price, meaning zero mark-up for me. I realize that that is still more expensive than many people can afford, so I am willing to build and sell completed puzzles at a loss to as many people as I can afford to. If there is too much demand, then I will have to raise the price. The way to get the cheapest assembled puzzle will be to send me an email request for a quote. Put "2x2x2x2 quote request" in the subject line and I will attempt to respond to each request in the order that I get them with the lowest quote I can give you. You will eventually get the opportunity to accept it or not, and if you accept and pay for it, then you will get the next one. I have no idea how long the queue will get, but once it is your turn, you should get a puzzle within a month. I will also be happy to sign and number your puzzle if you like.

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